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Vaudevillingham’s only rule is that no performer may repeat the same act, ever, at any Vaudevillingham show.

Vaudevillingham is the Bellingham Circus Guild’s Monthly Uncensored* Variety Show Fundraiser. Everyone is invited to participate, galvanized to laugh, and shamelessly encouraged to donate to the most unique conglomeration of performance revelry in the world! Vaudevillingham is designed to promote new art, give performers a venue to try out new material, inspire creativity, encourage new performers, and enhance growth in artists and performers.

It’s Uncensored! The BCG seeks to be a positive force in our community and culture. To this end, though there is no pre-screening of acts and no run-through, we discourage acts that are hurtful or discriminatory in nature. We say uncensored not to mean careless or unthoughtful, but so that performers won’t feel limited and audience members know it’s not a “for kids” circus show. That said, many people bring their kids, especially to the 7pm show.

It’s a Variety Show! Anything from dance, aerial, comedy, magic, theater, juggling, improv, burlesque, music and more! And by not only Guild members but local and out-of-town folks too, novice and veteran performers, with a range of acts from raw to polished.

It’s a Fundraiser! Vaudevillingham is an all-volunteer show. All the money raised goes to help the Guild continue its mission to support the circus arts in Whatcom County and to radically proliferate delight at every opportunity. So thank you for your support!

Two new shows the 15th of every month at 7pm and 9pm (doors open and live music starts a half hour before each show). Both shows are mostly different… sometimes completely different!

$5 – 10 suggested donation at the door

*May contain performances and/or material that could be disturbing to young or sensitive viewers.

If you are interested in performing, fill out this form.

Thank you to Pizza'zza, our Vaudevillingham sponsor!!

Thank you to Pizza’zza, our Vaudevillingham sponsor!!