Bellingham Circus Guild

Performer Responsibilities

Performer Responsibilities

Pre Show

1) Waiver 

Read and sign a waiver once per calendar year.

Give this to the stage manager.


2) Check in at 6:30, Logistics mandatory meeting 6:45 have ready for MC…

The name of your Act

What you need to have set up for your Act

How you would like your Act introduced

(No Introduction is perfectly fine)

All performers meet at 6:45 to discuss line-up and logistics


3) Check In with Stage Manager…

Tell Stage Manager what your tech needs are, ie. Placing/Striking/Rigging/Anything Cleaned Up


4)  Lighting or Music Information

Write down music and lighting cues.

Meet with lights/sound tec, give your music on Thumb Drive or a CD.  (Ipods are discouraged they go black and are all too` different.)


Performer Responsibilities
During the Show 


1)  The “Line Up”  is located back stage

You are responsible for knowing when you go on.

The Line Up list can change, so keep an eye on it.


2) Need help or have questions

See the stage manager or the MC.